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Practical Applications of Humanism
Database of practical applications of humanism, GHHS chapter initiatives, and more.
Research on Humanism
Database of peer-reviewed articles, Research Roundup Newsletter, and more.
Clinician Wellbeing
Gold Wellness Workshops, suicide prevention resources, practical ideas, data points, and more.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism
Related content from webinars, conference recordings, free online course, and more.
Art, Design and Humanities
A celebration of ways to integrate art, design & humanities into healthcare practice and reflection.
Podcasts related to humanism in healthcare, including The Gold Connection, produced by the Gold Humanism Honor Society.
Humanism Courses
Register for free open online courses on humanism and other topics.
Organizations Centered on Humanistic Healthcare
Organizations and initiatives that promote trusting clinical relationships, offer communication tools, and promote systems change.
Reading Corner
Gold Summer Reading Lists, book reviews, Gold Foundation’s site.
Webinars, scholar programs, awards, and more, for and by nursing students, educators and leaders.
Grants, awards, toolkits, and more for residents, fellows and Graduate Medical Education (GME) leaders.
Grant and scholar programs for medical students.
Patient Perspectives
Initiatives that amplify the voices of patients and their caregivers as partners in their care.
Humanism Centers
Centers of humanism created at a handful of medical schools.
Webinars and Videos
Gold Human InSight Webinars, Gold conference session recordings, keynote speeches, and more.