Tell Me More®

One of our newest and most exciting programs, Tell Me More® invites patients to help their healthcare team get to know them better.

Compassion is good medicine

First implemented in 2014, the goal of Tell Me More® (TMM) is simple: to allow patients, caregivers, and hospital staff to connect with each other on a more human level. It was originally designed by medical students to strengthen the critical bond that exists between people who are patients and the individuals who care for them. TMM allows patients and caregivers to get to know each other beyond their diagnoses and job descriptions.

Through a new collaboration with the EDI Institute, TMM will facilitate patient, caregiver, and staff communication through digital imagery created on mobile devices. Using a specialized app, participants can readily create images with captions to share aspects of their lives in ways often difficult to communicate through words alone.

TMM expressions are hung bedside in patients’ rooms, and now can be worn on caregiver and staff badges, and displayed in public areas. They serve as easy conversation-starters, promoting a culture of compassion and humanity throughout the hospital.

What others are saying…

“When I took a few extra minutes to learn about the patient’s story, it helped me focus on what I love about my job instead of all the paperwork and scheduling and the things that make it feel like work. The patients aren’t work, they are my inspiration every day.” – A radiation therapist who participated in Tell Me More® with patients

“Even if just for one second, it encourages everyone to see a patient as an individual and not just a condition that we want to treat and discharge home.”

“The program is unique in that it encourages the opportunity to visit with patients, just to talk and hold their hands and share stories, and not have to examine them or do procedures on them.”

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