The Arnold P. Gold Foundation is dedicated
to Keeping Healthcare Human


Our Vision

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s overarching goal is to create the Gold Standard in healthcare – compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent care – to support clinicians throughout their careers, so the humanistic passion that motivates them at the beginning of their education is sustained throughout their practice. We strive to ensure that care and respect always govern the relationship between practitioner and patient.

Our Mission

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation sustains the commitment of healthcare professionals to provide compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent patient care.

Our Visual Identity

To keep pace with the changing healthcare landscape, we’ve widened our reach to include the entire healthcare team in our Community of Caring. We’ve created a new brand to reflect our expanded mission.

Our new logo— a golden Mobius loop—symbolizes the continuous bond of trust, respect and communication that connects healthcare professionals with their patients when humanism is at the core of medical practice.

A Community of Caring

Keeping Healthcare Human requires the persistent and determined efforts of professionals dedicated to maintaining the human connection in modern medicine. Our Community of Caring is made up of like-minded individuals who support humanism in medicine, and who want a place to connect, share, and advocate for the cause.

Humanistic medical care is not simply compassion. It is the best of medicine. When skilled physicians build caring, trusting and collaborative relationships with patients, studies reveal more appropriate medical decisions, better patient adherence with treatment plans, and less costly healthcare outcomes.

The staggering ascendance of science and technology, along with current healthcare economics, makes our efforts to keep healthcare human even more critical today than when the Foundation began nearly 30 years ago.

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation relies on donations to advance our vital work.  We are grateful to our many generous supporters.