Below is a collection of podcasts related to humanism in healthcare, including The Gold Connection, produced by the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Listen, like and subscribe.

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The Gold Connection

The Gold Connection is a podcast created and produced by the Gold Humanism Honor Society, a program of The Gold Foundation, that features topics and themes related to humanism in healthcare, and highlighting the work of those involved in the Gold community.

The Nocturnists

The Nocturnists is an award-winning, independent medical storytelling podcast hosted by physician Emily Silverman. They’ve aired stories from live performances, intimate audio diaries from healthcare workers, and insightful interviews with artists who tackle medical themes in their work. Through storytelling, they hope to humanize healthcare, support clinician wellbeing, and transform medical culture.

Design Lab

Through Design Lab, Bon and his guests tell stories about how the worlds of design, art, science and health intersect. Conversations offer new insights, hacks and design principles that you can apply to your own life.

The Human Doctor

Through The Human Doctor, Dr. Kimberly Manning and Dr. Ashley McMullen are two dope academic internists who use the power of storytelling to explore the human side of medicine, along with teaching, living, learning, and all things in between.

The Clinic and The Person

The Clinic and The Person aims to bring the attention of health care professionals, educators, researchers and others to the interests and plights of people with specific health problems by drawing from works in the humanities—any genre—that relate directly to how people are affected by specific clinical events and health care situations such as restricted access to care and gut-wrenching, life and death choices.

The Hippocratic Forum

These four short episodes by The Hippocratic Forum offer clinicians reflection prompts on how to uncover, cultivate, and put into practice your ideals by seeking growth through challenges. The Hippocratic Forum was co-created by Gold Humanism Honor Society member John Rhee, MD to serve as a community for medical trainees and professionals interested in the topic of ideals in medicine and to help regain a sense of hope and renewal in the daily joys and challenges of the clinical world.

Healthcare is Human

Through the Healthcare is Human project, Dr. Ryan McCarthy interviews healthcare workers who tell their own stores, and Molly Humphreys takes candid photographs of them during their workday. These stunning photographs are displayed on Facebook, Instagram, and at exhibits in West Virginia. Healthcare is Human is featured in 100 Days in Appalachia and supported by a grant from the West Virginia Humanities Council and generous individuals in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.