Practical Applications of Humanism – Instructions

The Gold Foundation’s Practical Applications of Humanism database is designed to share information and resources for supporting and assessing humanism in healthcare practice and education.

Our intention is to encourage and nurture communities of caring, collaboration and support among our grantees and others who are interested in this vital aspect of healthcare.

Each entry highlights an individual project or program and includes one or more resources, such as publications, videos, webinars, curricula, presentations, and more.

Enter the Database

Using the database

  • Each entry highlights an individual project or program.
  • Search by any keyword or filter by topic, investigator, institution, or Gold program.
    • To filter by a topic, click “add filters”, then select “contains” and select a topic from the list
    • To filter by a Gold program, click “add filters”, then select “is”, and select Gold program from the list
    • You can add a filter by clicking “add filter” to constrain your results further or remove a filter by clicking the “-” button to the right of each filter.
    • To clear filters, click the “x” to the right of the filter keyword at the top of the search results table
  • Click “view” for to read the project description and access attachments
  • Export a summary

Screenshot of Practical Applications of Humanism Database

Add to the database

While most programs included in the database have been developed at least in part with Gold Foundation funding, this is not a requirement. If you would like your project to be considered for inclusion in the database, please share here.