Pearl Birnbaum Hurwitz Humanism in Healthcare Award

The Pearl Birnbaum Hurwitz Humanism in Healthcare Award is presented annually to a woman who exemplifies humanism and has advanced, through her scholarship, advocacy, leadership or work, the well-being of underserved or at-risk populations in the healthcare arena. Learn more about Pearl Birnbaum Hurwitz and benefactor Dr. Ronald Arky.

2023 Honorees

Dr. Shira Shavit

The 2023 Pearl Birnbaum Hurwitz Humanism in Healthcare Award is presented to Dr. Shira Shavit. Dr. Shavit is Clinical Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, a compassionate physician at Southeast Health Center, and the Executive Director and Co-founder of the Transitions Clinic Network (TCN).

Read the announcement of Dr. Shavit’s award.

2023 Honorable Mention

Dr. Andria Peterson, Executive Director of the Roseman College of Medicine’s EMPOWERED program.
Read the announcement of Dr. Peterson’s award.

Advocacy & Grassroots Change Video Featuring 4 Hurwitz Winners

Captured in the below video recording, a wonderful “Advocacy & Grassroots Change” session at the Gold Foundation’s 2021 Humanism & Healing Conference features five Pearl Birnbaum Hurwitz Award honorees in conversation: Veda Johnson, MD, Nancy Oriol, MD, Dinali Fernando, MD, and Mardge Cohen, MD. These remarkable women share how they identified a problem within healthcare for at risk populations and successfully advocated for change.

The Gold Foundation champions humanism in healthcare, which we define as compassionate, collaborative, and scientifically excellent care. Those honored by the Gold Foundation with the Pearl Birnbaum Humanism in Healthcare Award are expected to reflect these values in daily practice and strive to be exemplars of humanism in healthcare