Art Gallery

Members of the Gold community express the human connection and find an outlet through different forms of artistic expression, including visual art, photography, dance, video, poetry, and narrative writing. The collections below feature work by those in the healthcare community that have been showcased at Gold Humanism Conferences, shared via the Golden Glimmer project, and other digital galleries.

2024 Gold Humanism Summit Art Gallery

The 2024 Gold Humanism Summit Art Gallery, a feature of the 2024 Gold Humanism Summit: The Person in Front of You, showcases artwork that reflects experiences, creativity and insights from clinicians, trainees, patients, caregivers, and members of the healthcare community. We hope you enjoy this collection of visual art, video, performance, song, poetry, narrative writing, pottery, and more.

This catalogue of all works offers another way to experience the gallery in one document, and includes a discussion guide with reflection prompts for select pieces.

2022 Healing the Heart of Healthcare Conference Art Gallery

The 2022 Gold Humanism Conference Art Gallery featured stunning multimedia works that reflected stories about navigating burnout, grief, and the pandemic and illuminated why they chose to work in healthcare, how to counter racist narratives, and visions for a more inclusive future. Experience the art gallery thought this catalogue of all works and read highlights in this article. This collection includes visual art, video, dance, poems, essays, and more.

2021 Humanism & Healing Conference Art Gallery

Works featured in the 2021 Gold Humanism Conference art gallery reflected that year’s theme of Structural Racism and Its Impact on Medicine, through painting, expressing pain, personal and community connections, and hope. View highlights of the collection.

Golden Glimmers

Golden Glimmers are a way for members of the Gold Human Honor Society and the Gold Community to express themselves while staying connected with peers. Gold staff will periodically request themed submissions in the form of art, writing, photos or other media and share a selection of submissions on our website and social media pages. View the Gold Glimmer galleries.

Narrative Med Art by Sapana Adhikari, MD

View Sapana Adhikari, MD’s artwork here. As an Emergency Medicine physician, my day doesn’t end at the end of a busy shift. These rich interactions occupy my mind for weeks, months, and years and greatly influence my work. I aim to document the human experience from my unique perspective as a physician. I want my viewers to glimpse my world, thoughts, and opinions regarding health, disease, and the human body. I hope to share the beauty of the emotional highs and devastating lows that make up the human experience and share my small contribution.

Voices in Humanism: Art in Action During the Dual Pandemics

This webinar features the Voices in Humanism program, a collaboration between the Medical Heritage Center and the Gold Humanism Honor Society at the Ohio State University College of Medicine. The program was designed to collect, preserve, and share art created during the time of dual pandemics: COVIC-19 and racism.

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