Humanism Centers

A handful of medical schools have established formal centers for humanism at their institution as a way to foster competencies in humanism in medical education and create a humanistic environment for the healthcare system, patients, and community in which they serve.

Center for Humanism and Medicine, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

The Center for Humanism and Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School aims to foster respect and dignity for the individual as they provide service committed to relieving suffering with kindness, justice and humility, while employing self-reflection and continuous development. Learn more.

Einstein Health’s Center for Humanism

Einstein’s Center for Humanism’s aims to cultivate joy in work for all hospital staff, to foster empathy and engagement amongst healthcare workers, and to formalize a commitment to compassionate communication between them and patients by creating a culture of humanistic medicine using story-telling and visual arts. Read about the center here. 

Center for Humanism, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University’s Center for Humanism aims to foster humanism and professionalism in medical schools to counteract a culture of medicine that has become more technological, business-oriented and depersonalized, to ensure that their medical school continues to have a “soul”. Learn more.