Organizations Centered on Humanistic Healthcare

Following is a collection of initiatives that promote trust in the relationship between clinicians and patients, work to create systems change, and offer communication tools to create exceptional care experiences.

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This initiative from Johns Hopkins shares thoughtful clinical stories and perspectives to stimulate reflection about providing exceptional care.

Kern National Network for Flourishing in Medicine

The Kern National Network for Flourishing in Medicine (KNN) is a national movement focused on integrating caring, character, practical wisdom and flourishing within the profession of medicine. It aims to transform health professions education, influence healthcare cultures and environments, and promote broader policy and systems change.

The Beryl Institute

The Beryl Institute is a global community of healthcare professionals and experience champions committed to transforming the human experience in healthcare. The Institute offers unparalleled access to unbiased research and proven practices, networking and professional development opportunities and a safe, neutral space to exchange ideas and learn from others.

Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare

Through innovative programs, education and advocacy, the Schwartz Center works to support caregivers, healthcare leaders and others and bring compassion to every healthcare experience through programs like Schwartz Rounds(R), workshops, webinars, and more.


Planetree aims to set global standards for person-centered excellence across the continuum of care. They partner with organizations to strengthen connections between staff, patients, families, and the communities they serve through evidence-based road maps to improved patient and family engagement, better clinical outcomes, increased staff retention and recruitment, and high value care.

Building Trust by ABIM Foundation

Building Trust is an ABIM Foundation initiative that promotes trustworthiness between systems and clinicians, clinicians and patients, and the communities they serve, by addressing the primary causes of mistrust and misinformation to improve clinicians’ ability to deliver high-quality care.

Academy of Communication in Healthcare

The Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH) promotes research and provides resources to support teaching relationship-centered healthcare communication. They offer ideas to  improve patient safety, foster interdisciplinary teamwork, and increase patient satisfaction, and help develop your individual communication skills.

Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care (IPFCC)

IPFCC offers resources for patient and family leaders, clinicians, staff, administrators, educators of health professionals, researchers, and design professionals. They offer a variety of books, videos, reports, guidance materials and tools (both free and for purchase) to assist in efforts to move forward with patient- and family-centered care.

The Hippocratic Forum

The Hippocratic Forum was created to serve as a community for medical trainees and professionals interested in the topic of ideals in medicine to share their personal stories and/or reflections, and to help regain a sense of hope and renewal in the daily joys and challenges of the clinical world. Rediscovering these higher ideals is critical in order for young physicians to serve patients ethically and effectively.

Center for Compassionate Communication

The Center for Compassionate Communication offers evidence-based training in interpersonal communication in order to ignite compassionate relationships in healthcare. Their team leverages experience, wisdom and practices shaped over 60+ years working in healthcare, journalism, the humanities, theater, instructional design and online learning to offer a process and tools to recognize the needs of others and communicate with authenticity and compassion.


Empathetics is a for-profit enterprise that provides innovative empathy and interpersonal skills training for medical professionals leveraging new, scientifically proven methods that enhance human relationships and make medical practice more effective and efficient.