Gold Humanism Scholars at the Harvard Macy Institute Program for Educators

Read about our 2023-2024 Gold Humanism Scholars.

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation sponsors partial scholarships of $5,000 for up to two Gold Humanism Scholars at the Harvard Macy Institute 2023/2024 Program for Educators.

This highly interactive faculty development program trains participants in innovative methods to teach and assess health professional learners. We select medical and nursing educators whose work helps develop or evaluate educational projects focused on achieving humanistic patient care that can be replicated across a variety of healthcare delivery settings.

At HMI, Gold Humanism in Medicine Scholars join a community of international educators, and their interest in humanism permeates the educational environment of the Institute and facilitates new collaborative relationships moving forward.

2023-2024 Gold Humanism Scholars

Gauri Agarwal, MD, of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, is developing a curriculum for medical and nursing students utilizing humanities to cultivate empathy by addressing key applications and limitations of artificial intelligence in clinical practice.  The project is entitled “The HUMANN Project: The Humanities Underpinning Machines and Artificial Neural Networks.”




Hannah Murphy Buc, PhD, RNCNE, of the University of Maryland, is developing a “Restorative Justice Student Leadership Program” that will train undergraduate nursing students as restorative justice facilitators to partner with faculty and staff facilitators to cultivate a “Community of Belonging.”


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The Gold Foundation champions humanism in healthcare, which we define as compassionate, collaborative, and scientifically excellent care. Those honored as Gold Humanism Scholars are expected to reflect these values in daily practice and to continuously strive to be exemplars of humanism in healthcare.