Gold Humanism Scholars at the Harvard Macy Institute Program for Educators

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation sponsors partial scholarships of $5,000 for Gold Humanism Scholars at the Harvard Macy Institute (HMI) Program for Educators in the Health Professions.

This highly interactive faculty development program trains participants in innovative methods to teach and assess health professional learners. We select healthcare educators whose work helps develop or evaluate educational projects focused on achieving humanistic patient care that can be replicated across a variety of healthcare delivery settings.

At HMI, Gold Humanism in Medicine Scholars join a community of international educators, and their interest in humanism permeates the educational environment of the Institute and facilitates new collaborative relationships moving forward.

2019 Gold Humanism Scholars

Dimitrios Papanagnou, MD
Thomas Jefferson University
Fostering Provider Resilience and Empathic Patient Care in the Emergency Department

Reeni A. Abraham, MD
University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Compassionate Care – Reviving the Heart of Medicine

Who is Eligible?

Faculty from an accredited school of medicine, nursing and other allied health professions in the US or Canada. Applicants should be recognized at their institution for their commitment to humanistic health professions education. Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrated a commitment to fostering humanism and who show potential as a leader in health professions education.

The Gold Foundation is most interested in supporting health profession education projects that cultivate humanism – compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent care, and:

  1. Address systems-wide change, e.g. through projects that facilitate effective interpersonal and communication skills and professionalism;
  2. Are longitudinal, ideally encompassing more than one year of training;
  3. Integrate specialties and disciplines within medicine, and between healthcare professions;
  4. Are required (vs. elective);
  5. Contribute to best practices in the education of future caregivers (potential for scalability and/or replicability);
  6. Provide evidence of support by the home institution.

How to Apply

Applications are no longer being accepted for the Gold Humanism Scholarship at the 2019 Harvard Macy Institute Program for Educators.

Applications must be submitted electronically using our online grant portal here (log-in required).

Applications must include:

  • Biosketch including full contact information, academic affiliation and position, Educational and Professional Experience, Scholarly Interests, Personal Background and Interests.
  • Personal essay discussing their professional values and commitment to humanism in healthcare. (limit to 2 pages )
  • Proposal, as Gold Humanism Scholar, to advance humanism (limit to 2 pages) that includes:
    • Project title and two sentence project description.
    • A definition of the project: What are you trying to accomplish? What is the aim?
    • Describe the current problem that it addresses at your institution. Who will benefit from this project?
    • A prediction or hypothesis of what changes you can make that will result in an improvement. Identify barriers to implementation and necessary resources for your project.
    • An evaluation plan to assess your project’s impact.
    • A strategy for disseminating the project and outcomes to the health professions education community.
    • A brief description of how participation in the HMI will be of particular benefit to this project and to your professional development.
    • A statement that you are able to participate fully in the course as scheduled.
  • Letter(s) of Support from applicant’s Departmental Chair attesting to applicant’s qualifications, commitment to humanism, and the institution’s support of applicant’s project. (limit to 3 letters)

The Gold Foundation will notify applicants of its decision approximately 2 weeks prior to the Harvard Macy Institute’s application deadline of September 7, 2018 so that any applicant not selected as a Gold Scholar who still wishes to apply to the Harvard Macy Program for Educators  will have time to do so.

Applicants selected as Gold Scholars will also need to submit a separate application to the HMI Program for Educators in Health Professions through the HMI website (

Reporting Requirements

Gold Scholars will be required to submit a final report to the Gold Foundation and may be asked to present the project to the Gold Foundation Board of Trustees and/or at select Gold Foundation health professions forums

Final reports should be a narrative report that includes an update on the following items:

  • Describe your experience at the Harvard Macy Institute and the impact of the HMI on your project
  • State original/current objective/goals of project and whether/how they have evolved
  • Describe project activities to date or plan of action for implementing project – include as appropriate the following: project managers/principal investigators, activities, participants and beneficiaries (include #s), publications, evaluation techniques and tools, results and conclusions
  • What are the next steps for this project?

Support from the Foundation

The Gold Foundation will provide, through a restricted grant to the applicant’s institution, a scholarship of $5,000 towards tuition at the Harvard Macy Institute’s 2019 Program for Educators. The applicant will be responsible for securing additional funds to cover remaining expenses associated with participation in the program.

It is the policy of The Arnold P. Gold Foundation that no dean’s tax, overhead or indirect expenses may be subtracted from the total grant amount by the administration of the school. All monies given by The Gold Foundation are to be used exclusively for the scholarship.