Research on Humanism

In this section you will find links to access our database of research on humanism, the Research Roundup newsletter, our database of practical applications of humanism, and Gold-funded research programs.

Database of Research on Humanistic Patient Care

The Gold Foundation database of research on the impact of humanistic patient care includes peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate how humanistic patient care may improve patient experience, improve patient outcomes, improve treatment adherence, reduce costs, and/or protect against burnout, and studies about how humanism can be taught in healthcare education settings. This body of research includes but is not limited to work funded by Gold Foundation grants.

You can search by keyword, filter citations, and export a summary.

Research Roundup

The Jeffrey Silver Humanism in Healthcare Research Roundup features summaries of recently published studies on humanism in healthcare. To receive email notification of new studies once per month, enter your information here and select “Jeffrey Silver Research Roundup” from the checkboxes at the bottom. View previous issues here.

Practical Applications of Humanism Database

The Gold Foundation database of practical applications of humanism collects practical tools, best practices, curriculum, videos, journal articles, and more, all focused on putting humanism into practice. Projects funded by the Gold Foundation Programs, like Gold Student Summer Fellowships, Picker Gold Challenge Grants for Residency Training, Gold Humanism Scholars at the Harvard Macy Institute Program for Educators, and Gold Humanism Honor Society Chapter Grants Program as well as past programs of The Gold Foundation’s Research Institute: Mapping the Landscape and Gold Innovation Fellows. It also highlights the work of Pearl Birnbaum Hurwitz Program awardees.

Research Funding from the Gold Foundation

The Gold Foundation offers grant funding to support research related to humanistic patient care through the following programs. Visit each program page to learn more about eligibility, criteria, and how and when to apply.