Nomination, Selection & Induction

This page provides a detailed overview of the peer nomination and induction process of GHHS members. It includes the timeline from nomination to induction, suggestions about timing and how to create an equitable nomination process, and updated guidelines on how to administer the recommended McCormack peer nomination survey. For more information, visit the GHHS Chapter Toolkit: Induction Nomination process and/or GHHS Chapter Toolkit: Inductions, Ceremony, and Procedures.

The following document contains an                                                overview of the peer nomination and                                      induction process, relevant materials,                                              and suggested timeline.

The Gold Recommendations document shown below provides insight into commonly asked                                            questions regarding timing and how to have an equitable peer nomination process into GHHS.

The General Guidelines document explains                                      how to ideally administer the survey and                                                analyze survey responses when selecting                                        GHHS inductees.


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