Humanism in Practice: Through Residency and Beyond

GHHS membership is lifelong! We offer programs, resources, and events to help support you in your continued humanism in practice and leadership. Through this community of like-minded professionals, we aim to foster a network that champions and advocates for compassionate patient care.

We are excited to announce the creation of a handbook to help guide residents and fellows in creating and establishing a Humanism in Medicine Community at their home institution. These communities are open to all and are not limited to GHHS membership. Access the handbook to learn more about how to establish a Humanism in Medicine Community.

Join the after medical school committee

The Humanism in Practice Sub-committee works on identifying ways for our GHHS student members to stay involved in appropriate Gold Foundation programming after departing from medical school. The relationships between GHHS and these students was a critical part of their UME experience – GHHS staff would like to better understand the needs and desires of these GHHS members in an effort to coordinate programming that will be interesting for them.

The mission of the GHHS Humanism in Practice Sub-committee is to promote networking and create spaces for meaningful engagement beyond medical school among GHHS alumni members. If you are interested in joining the after medical school committee, be sure to apply by April 9th at 5pm ET. Learn more about some of our committee members here.

Cindy Chang, M.D.
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow at Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Jacob Altholz, M.D.
Emergency Medicine Resident in Las Vegas, Nevada
Aditi Singh, M.D.
An associate professor and GHHS Chapter Advisor at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine UNLV Department of Internal Medicine
Cynthia "Annette" Reyes
4th year medical student at the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine
Vipul Gargya, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon at Brandon Plastic Surgery

Upcoming Events

2024 Conference: The 2024 Gold Humanism Summit: The Person in Front of You will convene our many community members to explore best practices and strategies to fuel change and inspire action Thursday, Feb. 29 to Friday, March 1 in Atlanta, Georgia. All supporters of humanism in healthcare are welcome. This interprofessional, international event will be focused on igniting humanism to create the tangible changes necessary to heal the heart of healthcare. We hope you can come! Read more about the Summit. 

If you have regional and/or in-person meet ups that you would like to promote, please reach out to Louisa Tvito at

The Gold Connection GHHS Mentorship Program

The Gold Humanism Honor Society offers a mentorship program for graduating medical students entering their intern year of residency.

This program is designed to create connections between GHHS members who are already in a residency program and incoming residents who are heading to the same program or location.

If you are interested in being a mentor for an incoming GHHS member at your institution, complete this form.

Professional Development

We recognize the importance of continued development for medical professionals. Continuous development can range from learning how to maintain and teach humanism during residency and beyond and being plugged into educational opportunities like webinars, lectures, and podcasts.

Resources for Residents:

The Gold Reading List for Compassionate Clinicians

Words of Wisdom for New Residents

Advice for Post Graduate Year One

Gold Connection podcast

The Gold Connection is a podcast created and produced by members of the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Gold Connection: A GHHS Podcast launched in August 2020 in conjunction with the debut of the 2020-2021 GHHS National Initiative: Humanism and Healing: Structural Racism and its Impact on Medicine. Subscribe at Apple PodcastsSpotify, AnchorOvercastRadioPublic, and many other podcast platforms, or listen below on our website here.

GHHS’ Humanism in Practice Newsletter

This newsletter is a means for members to stay connected throughout their careers. Long after you have left your medical school’s chapter, GHHS offers incredible opportunities throughout your career.

Are you doing advocacy work that you’d like to share? Are you planning an event or doing research that a peer might be able to participate in? Would you like to share your art? Please feel free to connect with the GHHS team: Louisa Tvito at, Stacy Morris at, & Michelle Sloane at to share your work, or if you’re interested in getting more involved with the Gold Humanism Honor Society.

Medicine & The Arts: We would love to highlight your creative work outside of medicine that is important to you as an individual. We accept all kinds of submissions including but not limited to poems, essays (max. 1500 words), paintings, photographs, etc.

We invite you to submit your artistic expression here. You can view the artwork, poetry, and photographs of other GHHS members here.

Humanism in Action: GHHS members we invite you to take the opportunity to share what’s happening in your world and how you are plugging into service projects as GHHS members.

You can advertise and offer potential service projects exclusive to GHHS members here.


We aim to foster relationship building amongst alumni by helping to build connections and by sharing how members are continuing to embody the mission and values of the foundation. We offer networking tools to develop mentoring relationships and a platform for individuals to showcase current projects or give recognition.

We have created a LinkedIn group for Gold Humanism Honor Society members to provide an easy way for you to connect with other leaders of humanism across the globe. The group is private and only open to Gold Humanism Honor Society members. Click here to request to join.

Stay Connected!

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Share your advice with us: We want to know the best way to stay connected and engaged after GHHS members complete medical school.