GHHS Gold Membership & Directory

As the GHHS community grows to include over 50,000 humanistic members, research, and education, we will be using a new platform to bring us all together: the Gold Member Portal! The portal is a unique hub for the GHHS community and offers the ability to:

  • Connect with GHHS members for consultation, mentorship, & conversation.
  • Join interest groups or create your own.
  • Access and promote local humanistic events on the portal calendar.
  • Be part of the first public facing GHHS directory of humanistic doctors when it launches.
  • Support GHHS & help fuel even greater programming.

How do I access the Gold Member Portal?

It’s simple! Follow these instructions to login and begin connecting today.

  1. Go to the Gold Member Portal:
  2. Click the Sign In option at the top right.
  3. Choose the Forgot your password? option. (Please do not create a new account. Just as you were included in the previous GHHS Member Directory, your name and GHHS chapter will already be in the Gold Membership Portal.)
  4. Reset your password and log in.
  5. You’re in! Once in the Gold Member Portal, we encourage you to update your profile to your current, personal email address and add a photo of yourself.

Your name, medical training, career information, and institution are automatically visible to fellow members. To maintain an active Gold community, we rely on you to ensure your membership profile is accurate and up to date. You can add information to your profile to make it easier for fellow GHHS members to connect with you. As you progress in your career as a GHHS member, we encourage you to continue to update your Gold Member Portal profile. More features will be rolled out in the coming year, and we look forward to sharing those with you.

Member Dues Structure:

In order to continue to create and share meaningful programming, plan convenings like our annual Gold Humanism Summit, and sustain our efforts to create a more compassionate, collaborative, and scientifically excellent healthcare world, GHHS is implementing an optional and affordable member dues structure. Dues-paying members will be able to interact with the new Gold Member Portal in many meaningful ways beyond the basic level. See below for GHHS member dues structure:

  GHHS Student Members supplemented by chapter dues GHHS PGY1-3 $0/year

GHHS PGY4+ Gold $50/year

GHHS Professional $0/year GHHS Professional Gold $200/year
Connect and message other members  
Search internal directory
Listed in internal directory
Listed in Find a GHHS member external directory
Listed in patient-facing Find a Humanistic Doctor directory        
Create and join online communities (groups)  
Webinars/workshops Discounted Discounted Discounted General rate Discounted
Conference registration Discounted Discounted Discounted General rate Discounted
Online Store Discounted Discounted Discounted General rate Discounted
Professional Development
Ability to post CV to profile  
Ability to post opportunities in Career Center    
Professional Certification  
Specific Programming
Student Leadership Forum        
Programs geared to GHHS Alumni  
Conversations around timely matters  
Regional networking and social events  
Expanded programming for GHHS Professionals         
Gold Connection Newsletter 
Gold Humanism in Practice Newsletter   
News & Notes
Research Round Up

How do I upgrade to a Gold GHHS membership?

If you are a resident in your 4th year or beyond, we encourage you to elevate your GHHS membership by upgrading to a Gold GHHS membership. As a dues-paying member, you will enjoy an enhanced GHHS experience with exclusive benefits, including access to our forthcoming “On Human Terms” series and discounts for our annual Summit.

  1. Once logged into the Gold Member Portal, click on the Welcome, tab at the top right.
  2. Select Account + Settings from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Payments & History.
  4. Select the Membership tab.
  5. Click on Upgrade your membership, select the GHHS PGY4+ Gold or GHHS Professional Gold membership type, type in your payment information, and submit.
You are now a Gold GHHS member and will be able to interact with the Gold Member Portal in many meaningful ways beyond the basic level. 

Member Directory

You can search for individual members as well as chapters using the Gold Member Portal directory.

GHHS Members can be searched for by name, chapter school, induction year, or medical graduation year here.

The GHHS Chapters directory will enable you to search by institution name, institution type, the year the chapter was opened, state, and region here.


If you have any questions, please contact Louisa Tvito, AVP of GHHS, at If you have technical concerns about the Gold Member Portal, please contact Stacy Morris at