2023-2024 GHHS Annual Initiative

The world at large, and healthcare as a result, is experiencing a deficit of compassion and empathy. The Gold Humanism Honor Society invites its members to work together to begin to bridge the gaps in a polarized world. 

Our work is built around people:

  • The person in front of you
  • The caregivers beside you, and
  • The community around you

People stand at the center of healthcare and are subject to the pull of opposing values or differing convictions.

The 2023-24 GHHS Initiative, The Gold Compass: using humanism to navigate a polarized world, invites GHHS members to act as leaders in creating opportunities or modeling the search for ways to interact via civil discourse. Mitigating this divide—the separation we feel within ourselves and with one another—may have the power to reinforce the most essential components of what it means to be both a human and a healer.

We look to GHHS members, exemplars of humanism, to pioneer conversations intended to harness a sense of collaboration and openness, and to humanize differing perspectives in healthcare. The goal of this initiative is to acknowledge that we live in a time with complex viewpoints and seek to cultivate understanding and elevate the idea that within discourse lives humanity.

Access a guide on how to open conversations about difficult topics with optimal effectiveness.