Chapter Grants Application Process

Grants of up to $1,500 are available to support sustainable GHHS chapter activities, programs, research, and educational projects that increase humanism in medical learning environments and decrease burnout in trainees and clinicians.  Mentoring projects are particularly encouraged.  (Please note that GHHS does not provide support for honoraria, speaker’s fees, or monetary donations to charities.)

Submit a 2-3 page proposal including the following:
  1. Online Grant Application
  2. State the goal and intended value of your project, including:
    • What challenge do you hope to address?
    • How do the goals of this project further the mission of GHHS?
    • How will this increase humanism or decrease burnout in medicine on your campus?
    • What do you want the participants to take away from this project?
  3. Describe project implementation including activities, number of GHHS members and others participating, targeted populations, and timeline.
  4. Explain the method you will use to evaluate the success/impact of the program.
  5. Provide a project budget with a narrative explanation.
  6. If you are a student submitting the grant proposal, a letter of support from a faculty mentor must accompany the application.