Golden Glimmers

Golden Glimmers are a new way for GHHS members to express themselves, and at the same time stay connected with their GHHS peers! Staff will periodically request themed submissions in the form of art, writing, photos and more. We will share a selection of submissions on our website and social media pages.


Golden Glimmer Theme #1 was advice for new medical students in the form of a haiku. Read the wonderful haiku poems here.

Golden Glimmer Theme #2 was submissions of photos that elicit feelings of joy, resilience, or passion. View the gallery here. 

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing engagement in the Golden Glimmer project.

Golden Glimmer Theme #3: What makes you SHINE in the SUMMERTIME?

The Gold Foundation’s headquarters is located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. We don’t know about you, but we are READY for the summertime sunshine. We couldn’t be happier that summer is here and we want to know what’s making you SHINE!

Reading an amazing book? Vacationing with your family or friends? Getting outside for outdoor activities? Writing or Painting? Share your summertime joys with us!

Look for your submissions on social media in our special summertime frame.

Topic ideas: Travel, art, landscapes, poems, book recommendations.

Please submit by September 1, 2019