Golden Glimmers

Golden Glimmers are a way for GHHS members to express themselves, and at the same time stay connected with their GHHS peers! Staff will periodically request themed submissions in the form of art, writing, photos and more. We will share a selection of submissions on our website and social media pages.

Golden Glimmer Theme #11: Golden Moments

When was the moment you realized that medicine was more than simply science, but also intertwined with philosophy and humanity?

Many of us have experienced an “aha” moment when a patient or experience altered the way we viewed medicine. We invite you to share a moment where you experienced humanity in medicine.

The submission period is closed. Check out a blog piece on the “aha” moments that we received here.

Golden Glimmer Theme #10: Advice for a PGY-1

Medical school is over. Years of honing clinical and procedural skills, late nights of studying for USMLE step 1 and 2, residency interviews and Match Day celebrations are now behind them and a career as a healer is ahead.

As residents enter their first year of internship, what advice would you offer? How can they prepare for the clinical learning curve? How can they take care of their mental health, family obligations, and hospital duties? Through the long hours, how do they stay connected to what drew them to a career as a physician?

Golden Glimmer #10 is closed, but we will be continuing to share the fantastic advice you gave us in the PGY-1 advice gallery here and on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Golden Glimmer Theme #1 was advice for new medical students in the form of a haiku. Read the wonderful haiku poems here.

Golden Glimmer Theme #2 was submissions of photos that elicit feelings of joy, resilience, or passion. View the gallery here. 

Golden Glimmer Theme #3 share photos that made our members SHINE in the summer of 2019. View the gallery here.

Golden Glimmer Theme #4 was a call to restore joy in medicine! Members and friends of GHHS submitted Haiku to share how they were nurturing their own wellness, caring for themselves and their colleagues, celebrating moments of joy, or simply taking time to breathe! View the gallery here.

Golden Glimmer Theme #5 was creative expressions during COVID-19. GHHS members and friends submitted photos, art, haiku, or other forms of creative expression and took action during the pandemic. View their stories and submissions here. 

Golden Glimmer Theme #6 was “What does working in healthcare make you thankful for?” This theme brought back a call for haiku. View the haiku gallery here.

Golden Glimmer Theme #7 was In honor of Thank a Resident Day, Golden Glimmer No. 7 is an opportunity for residents to share the creative outlets have helped them during the pandemic.

Golden Glimmer Theme #8 shared summertime sparkles! We love seeing our GHHS members soakin’ up the sun and enjoying a few precious moments with loved ones or in nature. View the Summertime Sparkle gallery here. 

Golden Glimmer Theme #9 shared Tanka Poems that focused on the theme of clinician wellness and expression. View the Tanka gallery here.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing engagement in the Golden Glimmer project. Stay tuned for more opportunities to share!