Funding for GHHS National Initiatives

Applications will only be accepted between December 3, 2018, and February 14, 2019.

*This form MUST be filled out by the Chapter Advisor.

The Gold Foundation is pleased to announce that up to $400 in funding for GHHS National Initiatives is available to each GHHS chapter at institutions in compliance with our annual dues requirements.

To be in dues compliance, your GHHS chapter’s medical school must have either 1) paid the annual GHHS dues in full or joined the Gold Partners Council, 2) applied and been approved for hardship waivers, or 3) qualified for the new chapter exclusion.

*If you are not sure if your chapter is in compliance, please contact our staff.

Please note that this new funding is separate and unrelated to the traditional GHHS chapter activity grants available for research projects, community service activities, and regional conference development.

These funds are to be used for programming associated with two GHHS National Initiatives: 2019 Solidarity Week (February 11-15, 2019) and/or Veterans Gold Health Initiative.

For some suggestions on planning for these events click here.