Veterans Gold Health Initiative 2019

2019-2020 Gold Humanism Honor Society National Project

This Quality Improvement Project addresses healthcare disparities through the identification of veteran status and associated risk for unique employment-related illnesses.

Our overarching goal for this initiative is to encourage physicians to correctly identify those veterans already in their patient panels, and eventually become comfortable obtaining the necessary history to provide effective healthcare using all applicable sources available for this population.

  • Academic and community clinicians provide a large percentage of healthcare for veterans, and the trend towards community care will continue to accelerate due to outsourcing by the VA.
  • Standard medical education does not provide ample understanding of the unique healthcare needs of service members and their families, both during and after their tour of service.
  • A lack of knowledge by community providers about how to access services specifically available for this population leads to many missed opportunities for care.
  • The lack of education on the topic of veteran’s health leads to a failure to identify and effectively care for our service members living side by side with civilian neighbors.

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Participating Chapters:

Ideas for Chapters Wishing to Get Involved

  1. Promote consistent identification of veterans and their immediate family members.
  2. Explore the unique medical and social vulnerabilities of these patients (occupational and social history as well as medical symptomatology)
  3. Compile and distribute to community physicians of local and regional benefits and services available to military personnel and their families.

As always, we encourage creative implementation at the chapter level   

Resource Material for Planning


GHHS national staff encourage sharing program details through social media and press releases. We expect this to be a topic of interest at upcoming GHHS conferences.


GHHS will provide complimentary stickers and template for use on posters and banners. These will be available the coming weeks.

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We are happy to announce that GHHS chapters at medical schools that have paid their 2018-19 annual dues before Veterans Day 2018 will be eligible for funds to apply toward the planning and implementation of the veterans Gold Initiative and Solidarity Week. More information will be forthcoming.

We believe that by embracing this project GHHS can help strengthen the community care provided to America’s veterans. We look forward to hearing your ideas and plans. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and concerns.