GHHS Solidarity Week for Compassionate Patient Care

A week of recognition around the country for all GHHS chapters, medical schools, and patient care institutions to celebrate their dedication to ensuring compassionate, patient-centered care.

2019 National Solidarity Week: February 11-15

GHHS is excited to feature the Veterans Gold Health Initiative as the official project of 2019 Solidarity Week for Compassionate Patient Care. We look forward to seeing the way your chapter impacts the veterans in your community.

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A look back at 2018:

How did Solidarity Week start?

The national Gold Humanism Honor Society office established National Solidarity Day for Compassionate Care in 2011 to highlight the nation-wide movement promoting  provider-patient relationships based on caring, personalization, and mutual respect.  Momentum gathered particularly after the Senate passed a resolution in 2013 and 2014 to officially recognize Solidarity Day on the national calendar, and it is now typically celebrated on or around Valentine’s Day.  In 2016, many chapters celebrated a week of events instead of just one day.