Support the Gold Humanism Honor Society

To date, the Arnold P. Gold Foundation has supported GHHS activities, including its National Conference, Chapter Grants, Chapter Awards, and staff. Because GHHS is growing rapidly in size and ambition, our GHHS Advisory Council unanimously voted to implement voluntary dues to sustain the work of GHHS.

Membership in GHHS is NOT dependent on paying dues; these contributions are completely voluntary. But GHHS members can make a big difference by supporting GHHS and their colleagues. Dues-paying members will allow GHHS to continue its work to recognize and promote humanism in medicine.  Please note that your contributions are tax-deductible.

To learn more about GHHS membership through GHHS chapters, or about starting a new chapter, please contact Louisa Tvito at 201-567-7999 extension 130 or click here.

GHHS is truly a force for good with over 30,000 GHHS members, engaged creative chapters, and a committed Advisory Council and staff. We have numerous projects, programs, and initiatives underway that we hope will support physicians, combat burnout, eradicate the negative elements of the “hidden curriculum” and enhance patient satisfaction. We hope you will give  to enhance the impact and growth of this vital movement.

We welcome your support

We appreciate all support of Gold Humanism Honor Society. Members, friends, and family are welcome to donate here.