GHHS end of year housekeeping

The end of the academic year, specifically the weeks surrounding medical school graduation is a critical time for GHHS staff to received updated information, and get in touch with our student members. Students are still engaged with Gold Foundation programming, and their connection to humanism in medicine is top of mind.

GHHS staff and our GHHS After Medical School Committee are always working to connect with and create programming for our residents.

Here are five ways GHHS Chapter Leadership can help support this ongoing relationship:

  1. Encourage your students to update their GHHS database profile with their personal email address and residency match information.
  2. Send us your GHHS member’s match information. It is critical that we capture your chapter member’s match information. As always, Melissa Hernandez will be sending your original induction spreadsheet back to you to capture this information. Match information is sent exclusively to GHHS Advisors at their residency institution to allow your students to stay connected to humanism in healthcare and to find their GHHS home in their Match community.
  3. Share your chapter’s programming with the National office. As your new inductees begin to plan their GHHS programming, we want to make sure that we are also capturing the work of your graduating members. Please complete this Annual Programming Form upon your school’s graduation.
  4. Encourage your student members to join a sub-committee of the GHHS Advisory Council and may apply here. 
  5. Share your new student leaders with us! If you’ve selected new student leaders, please share them with us here.

GHHS Advisors are also welcome to join our GHHS Chapter Affairs committee to brainstorm around tools, resources and programming to engage Advisors and other chapter leaders. You may apply here. 

Looking ahead

The Gold Foundation has some exciting events and opportunities coming soon. Stay tuned for more information!

  • GHHS is switching to a new database! We look forward to offering our members and Advisors a modern, efficient and community-based platform.