Thank A Resident Day 2018 sign up form

2018 Thank A Resident Day Participants

The Gold Humanism Honor Society is excited to celebrate all Residents and launch our brand new initiative, Thank a Resident Day on Friday, February 23rd. Thank a Resident Day offers students the chance to show their gratitude to the unsung teachers of their medical school clerkship, the house-staff.

While Residency is an important stage in medical training, it is also a period of peak burn out. Physician burnout affects more than half of U.S. doctors. Burnout is characterized by three symptoms; exhaustion, cynicism or dehumanization, and sense of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment. Thank a Resident Day is meant to Celebrate Residents and Explore their Resiliency. This is a medical-student led activity that will provide residents with resiliency-promoting physical and social activities as well as show support for their efforts.

There are many ways to participate and we encourage chapters to work with different Program Directors to coordinate events tailored to what works for each floor. We have developed and gathered a few activities that may help your chapter get started. View them all HERE!