GHHS International Chapter Pilot Pre-Application

Thank you for your interest in the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS). This pre-application survey is designed to help us understand how the students enrolled in your institution might function as a cohesive chapter. Please upload your answers to the questions below. To learn more, click here.

Mandatory prerequisites for consideration

*Evidence of at least 3 years of White Coat Ceremonies

*Full accreditation by LCME, WFME or NCFMEA.

*Evidence of curriculum/courses that include topics of patient-centered, humanistic treatment

*Letter from your dean supporting the establishment of a GHHS chapter and acknowledgment of an annual chapter fee (amount to be determined on an individual basis).

Note: All online attachments must be in PDF, JPG or PNG formats

As part of this pre-application, you will also need to complete this Educational Demographic Grid.

Fields marked with an * are required

Evidence of at least three consecutive years of a White Coat Ceremony including the year prior to the application. (provide programs &/or online calendar entries)

Three years of course guides (digital or print) that document that professionalism &/or teaching on patient centered care have been included in the medical student education as classes, workshops, or other activities, etc.

Copy of the most recent official accreditation conducted by a national and/or international organization, with dates of next accreditation. Please indicate whether your national accrediting bodies have been granted recognition status by WFME and/or NCFMEA.

An aggregated list of residency training programs of the last 3 graduating classes. For medical school graduates not entering residency programs, please provide examples of usual post medical school training or employment sites.

A letter of support from the dean of your medical school must accompany the pre-application, including acknowledgement of an annual chapter fee to be paid beginning prior to the third induction.

Our institution has a formal (or informal) relationship, either for medical faculty or student exchanges with one or more universities or medical centers in the U.S.

If so, please share documents detailing these relationships.

There are US or local government limitations placed on day-to-day financial transactions with our country.

If there are US or local government limitations placed on day-to-day financial transactions with your country, please explain:

With regard to your Clinical Clerkships for your students:

  1. Which years do they take place within your curricular framework?
  2. Do your school’s students participate in their core clinical clerkship rotations in a medical center on or near the primary educational campus or are they living and doing clinical learning away from the main campus for weeks or months at a time.
  3. If they are doing most of their clinical learning at distant locations, how many students are situated in each of those location? Are they together in locations in pairs of 2, numbers of 5-10 or more than that?

If your institution has a portion of its students who enter after high school and train at your institution to receive both a “college degree” and a medical school diploma, please indicate what percentage of your graduating class each year that is, and provide details of their graduation rates and time spent obtaining these combined degrees.

If a significant proportion of college graduates are enrolled in an MD-PhD program, please provide details of their curriculum with respect to time spent in clinical learning.