Chapter Advisor

As each institution is unique, the choice of GHHS Chapter Advisor will vary and should be tailored to the needs of the chapter. The Chapter Advisor should be a member of the faculty who has the time to connect with students and administrators and is able and willing to provide support and guidance. The advisor may or may not be a physician, but must be someone dedicated to the delivery of compassionate patient care. Many of our chapter advisors are department chairs, directors, deans, or professors. It is helpful to have two Chapter Advisors, whether co-equals or one assistant. Chapter Advisors develop and implement nomination and selection procedures, update member information with the GHHS national office, plan and oversee the induction ceremony, and work with chapter members and student leadership to implement activities aligned with the mission of GHHS. Chapter Advisors are inducted into GHHS at the inaugural Induction Ceremony and become full GHHS members. To get ideas and learn from the experiences of others, Advisors should join the Chapter Advisor’s listserv ( by emailing ltvito@gold-

Student Leadership

Though not required, student leadership is strongly recommended to assist with tasks such as meeting planning and project management. Student leaders can be selected in a number of ways including through volunteering, simple peer nominating process, sharing the leadership by dividing the work according to tasks between two or more individuals (e.g., communication, educational events, induction ceremony planning) or appointment by the Chapter Advisor. Student leaders are encouraged to facilitate regular commination with their classmate non-GHHS peers.

Possible student leadership positions include:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Treasurer
  4. Scribe

As much as possible, GHHS student members should assume the responsibility of making the chapter visible to the education and medical community by developing activities that will support and encourage humanistic reflection and care among their peers and coworkers.