The Gold Guide of Chapter Activities

Gold Humanism Honor Society  members are role models for humanistic care in their communities.  Because building a network of advocates for compassionate health care is a critical mission of GHHS and the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, serving as a mentor or guide is a key responsibility of every member of the Society.   In addition to providing mentoringPoster, GHHS members are encouraged to spearhead  programs  and  promote projects to enhance compassion and support for both patients and health care providers at their institutions.

To assist you, we have created the GHHS Gold Guide.   The Guide contains a list of activities submitted by GHHS members intended to help all medical students, residents, staff, and faculty make their learning environments respectful, empathetic, understanding, and caring.  It includes projects that serve community needs, enhance the inclusion of the humanities in medical education, provide reflection opportunities, and other valuable services.  We hope you will use these ideas to create your own individualized activities tailored to the needs of your institution.

Chapter Award Winners 2

Because the composition of our GHHS chapters changes rapidly, we have not included chapter contact information.  If you have questions about a particular activity, please contact GHHS by calling 201-567-7999 or sending an email to