2022 Virtual Conference Poster Session

Are you interested in describing your research or service project through a poster? We welcome you to submit an abstract that briefly discusses your project using the form below. Posters will be selected based on relevance to the May 2022 Gold Humanism Virtual Conference theme, Healing the Heart of Healthcare: Reimagining How We Listen, Connect, and Collaborate.

The call for abstracts has ended and we are now in the review process.

Poster Themes

  • Structural racism and its relationship with healthcare
    • Addressing the bidirectional nature of the healthcare system relating to disparities and social determinants of health
    • Promoting a diverse healthcare workforce
  • Reimagining how we listen, connect, and collaborate
    • The impact of Covid-19 on human connection and healthcare at large
    • Addressing equity, inclusion and bias
  • Healthcare Professionals Wellness
    • Healthcare providers caring for one another
    • Wellness, resilience, and prevention of burnout
  • Healing and community 
    • Serving underserved populations by addressing locally-identified healthcare disparities
    • Increasing engagement with community
    • Healing in multiple dimensions (social, psychological, spiritual, physical)
  • Promoting humanism
    • This might be most appropriate if your work does not directly align with one of the above themes, yet promotes compassionate, collaborative, and scientifically excellent care.