2021-2023 Picker Gold Challenge Grants for Residency Training

NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Jessica Vernon, MD and Olivia Myrick, MD, MHPE
Improving Maternal and Child Outcomes through Quality Perinatal Mental Healthcare

Johns Hopkins
Marquita Genies, MD, MPH
Understanding the Family’s Perspective: Development of a Culturally Competent Curriculum to Increase the Acceptability of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Stanford University
Elizabeth Blecharczyk, MD
Innovative Neonatal Health Disparities Curriculum for Pediatric Residents Informed by Qualitative Research and Community Engagement

Read our 2021 announcement to learn more about their projects.

2019-21 Picker Gold Challenge Grants for Residency Training

Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Ashley Fernandes, MD, PhD
Using a Team-Based Learning Curricula to Teach and Assess Patient-Centered, Humanistic Ethics for Pediatric Residents and Health Professionals

Johns Hopkins
Raquel Greer, MD, MHS
Development and Implementation of a Longitudinal Community Engagement Curriculum to Enhance Residents’ Capacity to Address the Social Determinants of Health

Read our 2019 announcement to learn more about their projects.

2018-19 Picker Gold Challenge Grants for Residency Training

Penn State College of Medicine
Paul Matthew Haidet, MD
Building Systems to Foster Deliberative Practice of Communication Skills

The Ohio State University
Cheryl T. Lee, MD & Tasha Posid, PhD
A “Global Health” Experience for Resident Cross-Cultural Training: A Pilot Study

Read the 2018 announcement to learn more about their projects.

2017-2018 Picker Gold Challenge Grantees

Central Michigan University
Juliette Marie Perzhinsky, MD
A Pilot Interprofessional Educational Curriculum for Optimizing Mental Health in Chronic Pain Treatment

Maimonides Medical Center
Jennifer Barnett Breznay, MD
CARE Feedback Study

University of Toronto
Ayelet Kuper, MD & Lisa Richardson, MD
A Dialogical Approach to Person-Centered Care

2016-2017 Picker Gold Challenge Grantees

Center of Excellence Inter-Professional Academic Homeless Patient-Aligned Care Team – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Principal Investigator(s):
Carole Warde, MD & Andrew Shaner, MD
Project Title:
The Humanism Pocket Multi-tool: Special Techniques for Clinicians and Trainees

Northwell Health Staten Island University Hospital
Principal Investigator:
Suzanne El-Sayegh, MD
Project Title:
Patient Centered Multidisciplinary Point of Care Rounds

Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Principal Investigator: Jessica Montalvo, MD
Project Title:
The effect of stepwise instruction and simulation of goals of care communication skills on performance in the clinical setting: faculty and patient/family perspectives

Lancaster General Hospital
Principal Investigator: Peggy Nepps, PsyD
Project Title:
Talk to Me so I Can Understand: A Residency Health Literacy Education and Quality Improvement Project

2015-2016 Picker Gold Challenge Grantees

Maine Medical Center
Principal Investigator: Paul Han, MD, MA, MPH & Kathleen Fairfield, MD, MPH, DrPH
Project Title: Shared Decision Making in Graduate Medical Education: Training Residents to Always Inform and Involve Patients in Critical Health Care Decisions

Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
Principal Investigator: Kathryn Kirkland, MD
Project Title: Reading Surgeons: Implementing a Narrative Medicine Series for Surgical Interns
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Principal Investigator: Ellen Meltzer, MD, MSc, FACP & Joseph Fins, MD, MACP
Project Title: Communicating with Surrogates: An Educational Initiative to Foster Patient-Centered Care… When Patients Can No Longer Speak for Themselves
Jacobi Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Principal Investigator: Kenneth Rivlin, MD, PhD & Walter Dusseldorp, MBA, FACHE
Project Title: The Patient’s/Family’s Perspective will Always be Documented with Each Patient/Resident Encounter: A Resident-Led Quality Improvement Project