2011-2012 Picker Gold Challenge Grants for Residency Training

Click here for a copy of last year’s Picker/Gold Challenge Grant Program to support GME programs focused on patient-centered healthcare and/or humanism in medicine.

Picker Institute and the Gold Foundation are proud to announce the 2011/2012 Graduate Medical Education Challenge Grant Projects

The purpose of the Picker Institute/Gold Foundation Challenge Grant Program is to support the research and development of successful patient-centered care initiatives and best practices in the education of our country’s future practicing physicians.

childrens_smallChildren’s National Medical Center
Principal Investigator: Dale Coddington, MD, MA
Project Title: Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs: An Online Medical Home Professionalism Curriculum for Pediatric Residents

dana farberDana Farber Cancer Institute
Principal Investigator: Kristen G. Schaefer, MD
Project Title: Teaching Patient‐ and Family‐Centered Care in the Setting of Life‐Threatening Illness: A Resident Outpatient Palliative Care Rotation

geisengerGeisinger Medical Center
Principal Investigator: Michelle Thompson, MD
Project Title: Employing a Patient-Centered Approach to Develop a Medical Passport to Improve Transition and Educate Health Care Providers

jacobiJacobi Medical Center
Principal Investigator:Kenneth Rivlin, MD, PhD
Project Title: Experiential Learning of Patient/Family-Centered Care

ny presbyterianNew York Presbyterian Hospital
Principal Investigator: Nicholas H. Fiebach, MD
Project Title: The Patient’s Voice: Institution-wide Training for Housestaff in Patient-Centered Care

sunySUNY Upstate Medical University
Principal Investigator(s): Stephen Knohl, MD
Project Title: Learning to Talk

chicagoUniversity of Chicago
Principal Investigator: Vineet Arora, MD MAPP
Project Title: Engineering Patient Oriented Clinic Handoffs (EPOCH) Project

ucsfUniversity of California San Francisco /VA Medical Center, San Francisco
Principal Investigator: Calvin L. Chou, MD, PhD
Project Title: Development of Interprofessional Team-based Observed Structured Clinical Examinations to Ensure Patient-Centeredness in Primary CareTeams

u_of_sf_smallUniversity of South Florida
Principal Investigators: Deanna Wathington, MD , MPH and Charles N Paidas MD, MBA (DIO)
Project Title: Enhancing Medical Resident Cultural and Linguistic Competency

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