Introducing the new Gold Resource Library, an open collection of humanism resources

Browse the online library, which features a wide range of collections, databases, and perspectives on humanism in healthcare

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation is thrilled to launch our new online Gold Resource Library, which offers users the opportunity to engage with a variety of resources that can help foster the human connection in healthcare. With a thoughtfully designed layout and curated content, the Gold Resource Library can support users in learning and teaching about all things humanism-related.

As part of our mission to promote compassionate, collaborative, and scientifically excellent healthcare, the Gold Foundation has long shared resources with the greater Gold community, including tools, curriculum guides, databases, best practices, books, and more. The new Gold Resource Library builds upon this groundwork, allowing users to explore diverse collections by theme, format, and audience.

“The Gold Resource Library was created as a dynamic resource for anyone passionate about humanism in healthcare,” said Michelle Sloane, Assistant Director, Program Initiatives, who spearheaded the project. “It will be useful in so many ways, from supporting your research and helping you connect with others doing similar work, to finding new favorite books or podcasts that encourage reflection and creativity. We hope that everyone interested in humanism in healthcare finds this space not only informative, but welcoming.”

Exploring the Gold Resource Library

The Gold Resource Library is organized around collections based on a theme, format, or audience. Users can easily access content that is relevant to them, or simply browse by theme, much like scanning the shelves at a library.

Themed collections include:

Format-based collections are divided by media type, such as online courses, podcasts, databases of projects and research, and webinars.  For example, the Reading Corner collection features books and other written material.

Audience-based collections are organized by healthcare role, such as healthcare professions students, graduate medical trainees, nurses, patients, and caregivers.

While the Gold Resource Library links to a wide range of sources, woven throughout are tools and resources created by the Gold Foundation and its partners within the broader Gold community, including webinars, conference session recordings, podcasts, readings lists, and more. Highlights include:

  • The Practical Applications of Humanism Database offers searchable profiles of projects funded by Gold Foundation Programs and the work of Gold Foundation awardees.
  • The Database of Research on Humanistic Patient Care includes peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate how humanistic patient care may improve patient experience, improve patient outcomes, improve treatment adherence, reduce costs, and/or protect against burnout, and studies about how humanism can be taught in healthcare education settings.
  • Gold Human InSight Webinars bring inspirational live and pre-recorded virtual webinars to healthcare professionals and learners.
  • The Gold Connection podcast, hosted by GHHS, features conversations with humanistic leaders on a variety of topics, including clinician well-being, structural racism in healthcare, and projects supported by the Gold Foundation.

Suggest a resource

The Gold Resource Library will continue to expand with ongoing updates, and we welcome suggestions. Do you know of a resource related to humanism in healthcare? We encourage you to share it with us. 

Stacy Bodziak

Director, Communications