Gold Database of Research – Instructions

The Gold Foundation’s Humanism Supports the Quadruple Aim database collects studies that show how humanism in healthcare supports the Quadruple Aim: Better experience, better health, lower cost, and joy in work. Click on the particular aim for studies related to it, or enter the full database.

  1. Better experience: Humanism improves the patient care experience
  2. Better health: Humanism improves health outcomes
  3. Lower cost: Humanism reduces healthcare costs
  4. Joy in work: Humanism improves the well-being of healthcare providers

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Background of the Quadruple Aim

The Triple Aim framework was introduced in 2007 by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. The goal is to simultaneously

  • improve the patient care experience
  • improve the health of a population, and
  • reduce per capita health care costs.

In the papers “From Triple to Quadruple Aim” and “Physician Well-Being: Expanding the Triple Aim” authors have pointed out how burnout and physician well-being remains a major factor in the quality of healthcare. They assert that an additional aim is required:

  • improving the work life of healthcare providers, including clinicians and staff

Using the database

Entries are currently sorted alphabetically by last name of the Primary Investigator. To sort the entries alphabetically by any of the column headings, simply click on the heading title.

You may also search by any word in the Keyword Search bar at the top of the page.

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