Reporting Requirements

The school’s Tow Award program administrator completes the Interim Report and Final Report through the Foundation’s website according to the timeline above.

Interim Report

  • Annually, via a checkbox on the form, each school agrees to participate and follow the Tow Procedures and Criteria and reporting instructions.
  • Participating schools agree to submit a complete Interim Report by March 25, 2022 or 60 days prior to the ceremony.
  • Awardee profiles must include a brief biosketch of each awardee including the awardee’s humanistic qualifications and a headshot photo. If you do not have the biosketch and headshot at the time of submission they both need to be submitted within 30 days to Michelle Sloane. Please note that CVs or MSPE letters are not accepted.
  • The certificates need to be printed (new in 2024) and signed by the appropriate dean or institutional signatory before being presented to the recipients.
  • There is no save feature on the form: Print or save the form information to your computer’s hard drive as you complete it.
  • Required interim report fields include:
    • Annual agreement to participate and follow the Tow Procedures & Criteria and reporting instructions
    • School’s Tow Program administrator’s contact info
    • Official school name, dean’s name, credentials, and title to be printed on certificates
    • Description of nomination processes for student & faculty
    • Name, degree, and email address for each winner
    • Attach headshot and biosketch for each winner – include humanistic qualities

Final Report

  • Participating schools agree to submit a Final Report no later than thirty (30) days following the presentation of awards.
  • Attach electronic copies of the ceremony program, photos, and other media or email them to
  • Required final report fields include:
    • Ceremony date
    • Description of ceremony
    • Attach programs and any media or publicity
    • Suggestions or feedback