Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Awards – Interim Report Form

Due: March 14, 2022 (or sixty (60) days before presentation date)
Instructions for report completion:
  1. Complete all required fields. Incomplete submissions (without proper bios and headshots) will not be accepted. Please note that bios and headshots are required for internal processing of the award and will not be shared publicly.
  2. Please print and retain a copy of the completed form before pressing “submit,” as there is no ‘save form’ feature.
  3. Once you press “send,” you should receive a success message indicating that your form was successfully submitted.
  4. In order to complete your form you will need:
    1. A brief biosketch of each awardee including the awardee’s humanistic qualifications
    2. A headshot photo of each awardee

For more information, contact Michelle Sloane, Grants/Programs Manager, at msloane@gold-foundation.org.