Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Awards – Interim Report Form

Due: March 15, 2020 (or sixty (60) days before presentation date)
Instructions for report completion:
  1. Complete all required fields, submissions received without required fields may delay the disbursement of the award.
  2. Please print and retain a copy of the completed form before pressing “submit,” as there is no ‘save form’ feature.
  3. Once you press “send,” you should receive a success message indicating that your form was successfully submitted.
  4. In order to complete your form you will need:
    1. A brief biosketch of each awardee including the awardee’s humanistic qualifications
    2. A headshot photo of each awardee

Fields marked with an * are required

It is expected that this award is given at the main graduation award ceremony or commencement.

We will be conducting a survey later this year to better understand the nomination and selection process.

print names as they should appear on certificate

Permanant/Home Address

Permanant/Home Address

We will be sending out a survey to better understand the nomination process later in the year.