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The Gold Foundation offered its Tell Me More® tool in a downloadable kit for free during the first two years of the pandemic for care of COVID-19 patients, including those suspected to have the illness. Tell Me More® is an easy way to help the health team connect with patients on a more human level. The human connection is critical in healthcare in ordinary times. Finding innovative ways to connect in the face of distancing and protection necessities is even more urgent in this crisis.

The free Tell Me More® for COVID-19 Care kit has ended. If your institution is interested in using Tell Me More and purchasing a license, please contact Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development Pia Pyne Miller at

A patient can too easily be reduced to their room number, diagnosis, and prognosis. The goal of Tell Me More® is to transcend those necessary but superficial details to reinforce that a patient is a full, complex, and vibrant human.

By increasing communication and trust, patients can feel more hopeful and more confident in their care. By sharing this connection, the health team also benefits – research has shown that connection helps with clinicians’ own well-being and serves as an aid in preventing burnout.

For Gold Humanism Honor Society chapters planning to use Tell Me More® during Solidarity Week, please go to the Solidarity Week page to access the kit.

How it works

In a typical hospital care setting, Tell Me More® prompts a member of the health team to engage with a patient about their life and values. Using a list of open-ended questions created by the Gold Foundation, a member of the care team has a short, meaningful conversation with a patient to learn more about them. Together, they add details that the patient wants the care team to know to the Tell Me More® wall poster. This allows healthcare professionals to connect more easily and the patient to be seen more fully.

For example, a Tell Me More®  wall sheet might say something like: “Scott is a father of three kids, ages 1, 5 and 16. His family is so important to him. He loves biking, the New York Mets baseball team, and chocolate ice cream.”

Variations for use in COVID-19 care

Given the need to avoid transmission of the novel coronavirus, hanging a paper Tell Me More® wall poster inside a patient’s room may not be feasible or advisable. Instead, the Gold Foundation suggests hanging the sign in the window of the patient’s room, with the information visible to the patient and healthcare professionals inside the room. This is a clear reminder to the patient and the team that they are being seen and cared for as a full person.

The Tell Me More® sign in the window could also be paired with other helpful information, such as the photo and name of the patient’s doctor and nurse, or drawings or notes from friends and family.

Early in the pandemic, patients with COVID-19 were far more isolated than a general patient in a hospital. Isolation rooms can be very noisy due to the need for negative pressure, and members of the health care team need to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gowns, masks, and gloves in order to prevent transmission. All of these necessary measures make it far more difficult to connect.

Tell More More® is one way to connect despite all of these barriers.

Tell Me More® at work in COVID-19 care

Tell Me More® is being used by hospitals right now in the care of COVID-19 patients.

What the kit includes

  • Tell Me More® 8.5×11 wall poster (PDF)
  • User Agreement (PDF)
  • Patient Permission Form (PDF)
  • Patient Handout (PDF)
  • Easy Start Guide (PDF)
  • Tell Me More® Introductory Presentation (PPT)

Tell Me More® is now available through an institutional license. Please contact Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development Pia Pyne Miller at

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