Gold Partners Council

The Gold Partners Council is a critical partner for the Gold Foundation, both as a vibrant extension of its mission into medical schools and hospitals, and as invaluable support to ensure humanistic care is sustained in the future.

View the lists of Gold Partners Council Medical School members and Hospital and Medical Center members.

The members of the Gold Partners Council are leaders of humanism in healthcare. Beyond the many tangible benefits, their membership sends a signal to their staff and their patients that they recognize that optimal care must be compassionate, collaborative, and scientifically excellent. 

We look to the Gold Partners Council members in our development of new programs and evolution of our current ones.


Member Benefits

Mindful Practice® Programs

The Gold Foundation is excited to be collaborating with Mindful Practice and instructors Dr. Ron Epstein and Dr. Mick Krasner to bring this opportunity to its Gold Partners Council members. The Mindful Practice Programs are designed specifically for physicians and other health professionals.

Gold Humanism Video Series

This upcoming benefit will allow Gold Partners Council members to showcase their institution’s humanistic culture in a compelling video from our partner video team. Stay tuned for more details!

Tell Me More Overview

Conference Discounts

Gold Partners Council members receive discounts to many of our events

Gold Circle Library

Golden Thread Gala

Academic Medicine

Benefit Tiers

Ongoing access to all of the Gold Foundation’s programs and resources
Recognition on the Gold Foundation’s website
and in an annual ad published in Academic Medicine
Subscription to an exclusive quarterly newsletter
featuring topics related to GPC membership and humanistic healthcare strategy 
include announcements in our monthly News & Notes newsletter, which reaches more than 25,000 students, educators and others in our community (2 announcements per calendar year are included, $500 per each additional announcement)
Gold Circle Speaker Discounts and Referrals
continually expanding network of customized in-person trainings / workshops / speaker referrals
Gold network discount to the Gold Humanism Summit at the Planetree International annual conference at the Gold Executive Leadership Track
Tell Me More® Communication Tool license discount
(pricing grid based on organization size/type and GPC membership level);
20% off

40% off


Inclusion of one affiliated hospital in your school’s Gold Partners
Council Hippocrates membership with recognition as such
Tickets to the Gold Foundation’s gala   5 seats 10 seats

An ad in the Gold Foundation’s gala journal, plus recognition from the podium

  1/2 page Full page
Additional benefits to be rolled out periodically


The council began as the Academic Medicine Gold Partners Council in 2011 to recognize medical institutions that stand in solidarity with our mission – “keeping healthcare human.” 

The council was revamped with more substantial tiers in 2017 and renamed the Gold Partners Council.

Become a Member

Download Gold Partners Council Membership Application

To learn more about becoming a member institution, contact us at 201-567-7999.

View our current members of the Gold Partners Council:

Medical Schools
Hospitals and Medical Centers