Reporting Requirements

A final report describing project activities for either a Service or Research Fellowship is due in Fall 2024 (the date is specified in the grant agreement).

The final report must include:

  • A restatement of the original hypothesis and objectives and planned intervention
  • A description of the investigation/implementation and activities undertaken
  • Qualitative and/or quantitative data and its significance
  • Conclusions and impact including whether or not the original goals were met, evaluation of project (include tools, methods used, work to date if part of a larger project)
  • Comment on possibility for continuation of this research
  • Discussion of how this fellowship has contributed to the Fellow’s understanding of the practice of humanistic medicine – based on your experience, speak on/discuss the patient/provider relationship as well as the patient’s experience with illness, and the healthcare system
  • What avenues are available to you for dissemination or presentation of your project? Describe any steps you have taken or identified to disseminate your project
  • Include a 250-word (approximate) summary of the project and its accomplishments, for inclusion on our website or other media.
  • Pictures that document the student’s experience – download and return Gold SSF Photo Consent Form
  • Headshot for publication on website
  • Gold SSF Mentor Form B (download and return completed form)
  • Gold SSF Supervisor Form B (only required if project takes place off-site or overseas)

Note: Some well-conceived projects may fail or yield ambiguous results when unexpected problems are encountered. In all cases, students should write a clear and candid appraisal of the project and interpretations of the collected data.

The report must also include a Student Reflection that addresses the following questions. For projects conducted by multiple students, each student shall submit an individual reflection.

  • What about your summer fellowship experience had the most impact on you and why?
  • What was the most challenging aspect of your fellowship and why?
  • How has the fellowship affected the way you will approach patients?
  • What did you discover about yourself during this process?
  • Do you think your Gold Student Summer Fellowship will strengthen your ability to connect with your future patients?
    • No
    • Yes
    • How? _____________________________
  • Compared to other medical school experiences so far, both in and out of the classroom, how does your Gold Student Summer Fellowship rank among experiences that will help strengthen and humanize your future connection with patients?
    • My fellowship experience ranks at the top
    • My fellowship experience ranks within my top 5 experiences
    • My fellowship experience ranks in the top half of experiences
    • My fellowship experience ranks in the bottom half of experiences
    • My fellowship experience will make no difference in my future connections with patients.
    • Other: ___________________

After the conclusion of the grant, we may follow up with additional questions regarding your experience as a Gold Student Summer Fellow.