2011 Student Summer Fellowships

Jennifer Hsu Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
Learning from Rural China & Minnesota to solve the non-compliance issue for diabetics

Maryl Goldberg Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Improving Nutritional Health Through Enhanced Communication Techniques

Raed Moustafa Boston University
Exploring Psychosocial Challenges Amongst Minority and Underserved Cancer Survivors

Rachel Holtzman Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Underserved populations

Karen Jacobson Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Assessing the Effectiveness of a Governmental Distribution of Insecticide

Shannon L. Emerick Keck School of Medicine of USC
Knowledge and Attitudes Surrounding HPV and Cervical Cancer in Honduran Women

Caroline LaRosa Penn State University College of Medicine
The Importance of Dietary Factors in Implementing Successful Type 2 Diabetes-Management Practices

Nina Sreshta University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Assessment of Food Insecurity among People with Severe Mental Illness

 Oscar Axel Gerdner University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Children and Families with HIV/AIDS in Guayaquil, Ecuador

 Alison Mary DeRemigis University of Maryland School of Medicine
B’more for Healthy Babies: Coordination of Services in a Family-Based

Peter Meyers University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Identifying Barriers to Diabetes Care in Underserved Populations

Kiran Clair University of California, Irvine
Identifying the cultural, socioeconomic, and infrastructural barriers to obtaining Pap

Fida Abuisneineh University of Illinois at Chicago
Developing a patient-centered health care home model of care

Jordan Cohen Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Assessing the Feasibility of a Community-Based Healthcare System

Irène P. Mathieu Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Domestic Violence in Nashville’s Latino Community

Nancy Ringel Harvard Medical School
Addressing Rural Health Disparities in Jharkhand, India

Dwijavanthi Kumar University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Community Participation in Primary Health Care and empowering communities to take

Matthew Meyers Commonwealth Medical College
Nutritional Education among homeless and uninsured at-risk adolescents

Davis “Mac” Stephen Harvard Medical School
Northwest Arkansas Free Health Clinic “Resource Center” extension pilot

Alisha Joyner Medical University of South Carolina
Refocus: Educating Teens at Risk for Pregnancy and Preventing Subsequent

Sarah Corbo Ohio State University College of Medicine
GOaL-Den” Girls: Supporting Adolescent Girls As They Set Goals to Build Healthier

Laura Hodges University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
Voices of Mental Illness

Sreela Namboodiri, Jennifer Redd, and Amy Rouse University of Maryland School of Medicine
B’more in the Kitchen: A Cookbook Promoting Healthy Eating for Healthy Babies

Katie Paulson University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Improving Health Literacy for the Homeless: An Interprofessional Street

Brian May University of Alabama School of Medicine
Diabetes Education in Underserved Regions of Alabama

Hussein Waliye University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Iodine Deficiency in Gimbie Town of Ethiopia

Peter B. Cooch University of Vermont College of Medicine
Rural ambulance and clinical experiences in Guatemala

Raagini Jawa Boston University
Assessing Social Stigmas of Children attending Pediatric Outpatient HIV care at All India

Maria Garcia Jimenez University of California San Francisco
Addressing psychosocial health disparities in breast cancer

Natalie Beaty Drexel University College of Medicine
Health Campaigns, General Health Monitoring and Education in Rural Villages in Cameroon

Rachel Slaughter Florida State University College of Medicine
Integration of Obesity Education in Prekindergarten to Eighth Grade in the Summer Migrant Education Program in Quincy, Florida

Ryan Guinness Dartmouth Medical School
Preventing Tobacco Use in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Community

Addie A. Hill Dartmouth Medical School
The Effect of Early vs. Later Palliative Care on Biological Markers of Patient Stress

Sara Nicole Neill University of Michigan Medical School
Assessing the Unmet Need of Second Trimester Abortion Services in Ghana

Daniel Hansen University of Nevada
Educational Tools: Epidural Analgesia Prevalence Changes in Hispanic Populations

Fauzia Shaikh Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
Assessment of Vascular Disease Frequency, Risk Factors, and Outcomes in Hispanic Patients

David Attaway Georgia Health Sciences
Dia Del Mercado

Laura Hickman University of Illinois
Barriers and Facilitators to Parental HIV Disclosure

Roger Dillard University of Mississippi Medical Center
Colon Health Intervention Pilot (CHIP)