2007 Student Summer Fellowships

Ravi Garg Boston School of Medicine
Documenting clinical practices, crafting case reports

Melissa Alum Latigo Case Western School of Medicine
Improving Antiretroviral adherence strategies for HIV children in Zambian Comm-based Visit. Prog.

Elizabeth Blair Columbia University College of Physicians And Surgeons
The Columbia Homeless Medical Project

Nicholas Donin Columbia University College of Physicians And Surgeons
Millennium Village Project

Raquel Ferrer Cornell Weill Medical College
Coping & quality of life after hospitaization for an acute coronary event in Latino adults

Monica Hannon George Washington School of Medicine
DC Community Health Education Project

Megan Anson Loyola University Medical Center
Health Resources: Awareness and Needs in Rural Community

Courtney Nagel Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Schistosomiasis knowledge assessment and education in Minigo, Tanzania

Rebecca Yael Bak Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Exploring the attitudes, preceptions of Mexican Physicians & Midwives toward infant feeding

Maria Widmar Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Determining & addressing obstacles to the effective use of insecticide-treated nets in Tanzania

Michelle Bradley/Catherine Ford NYU School of Medicine
Assessing patient knowledge pertaining to antiretroviral treatment & its symptoms in Accra,Ghana

Emily C. Harding Saint Louis School of Medicine
C-CAPS St. Louis

Tina Oaks Texas San Antonio
Identifying mistrust within the African American Comm.towards physicians & its consequences 

Ronya Emory Texas San Antonio
Women in need of greater strength (W.I.N.G.S.) for Life Total Wellness Program

Sara Arguello/Allison Bays Tulane University School of Medicine
Long-term Sequelae of Lassa feaver in Eastern Sierra Leone – sharing fellowship

Jennifer Knoester University of Michigan School of Medicine
The Quito Project to Raise Global Health Awareness

Erlend Hansen, Greg Sackls University of California Irvine
Chiapas Stove Intervention Study

Abied C. Mogannam and Brandon Murguia University of California Irvine
Bethlehem diabetes Project: A community health approach to diabetes

Caitlin Schaninger University of Chicago Pritzker
Feedback and Care Evaluation (FACE) Project

Monique Kamaria University of Ill Chicago
Melanoma & an assessment of the effectivenes of interventional strategies within minority patients

Tuan Truong University of S. Florida
Diabetes education for the growing Asian & Hispanic population of Gwinnett County, Georgia

Aniebiet Udofia Usc Keck School of Medicine
Analysis of the current prevention/treatmenet plan for Malaria in Uyo, Nigeria

Roland James Utah University
Improving the detection methods for Giardia lamblia & Cryptosporidium parvum in Human fecal

Kristy Kummerow Vanderbilt School of Medicine
Pregnancy among women incarcerated at urban jail: A step toward developing approp. Interventions

Krupa M. Bhojani Vanderbilt School of Medicine
Indicators of increased personal strength and improved health choices among victims of abuse

Melissa Lai-Jenn Lau Virginia Commonwealth University
Impact of faith-based, cross-cultural medical trips on medical students

Victor Cueto Philadelphia College of Osteopathy
Effect of self-managing on overweight/obese AA females

Sam GrodofskyJefferson Medical College
Nutritional health assessment of the survivor’s village in Rugerero, Rwanda

Kimberly Pringle Jefferson Medical College
The Socio-Economic impact of acute febrile illiness of unknown orgin

Sade Udoetuk University Pennsylvania
Assessing Knowledge of Breast Cancer Risk Factoes & Screening Compliance in Black Women

Justin Schram University Pennsylvania
Reducing exposure to indoor air pollution in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

Lorena Pereira Drexel University
To bridge the global healthcare gap. Serving the needs of the underserved population/Ecador

Stacey Hauber/Amanda Horton Temple University of Medicine
Assessing the impact of farmers’ markets on Consumption of healthy foods in N Philly Comm

Kelly Greiwe and Sapna Shreyas Shah Center For Discovery