Reporting Requirements

Gold Scholars will be required to submit an interim and a final report to the Gold Foundation and may be asked to present the project to the Gold Foundation Board of Trustees and/or at select Gold Foundation health professions forums.

Interim reports are to be submitted as an informal narrative that includes the following:

  • An update on your experience of the program thus far
  • Any challenges with project activities and what is going well

Final reports are to be submitted as a narrative that includes the following items:

  • Describe your experience at the Harvard Macy Institute and the impact of the HMI on your project
  • State original/current objective/goals of project and whether/how they have evolved
  • Describe project activities to date or plan of action for implementing project – include as appropriate the following:
    • project managers or principal investigators
    • activities
    • participants and beneficiaries (include #s)
    • publications
    • evaluation techniques and tools
    • results and conclusions
  • What are the next steps for this project?