Eligibility and How to Apply

Find details about eligibility and how to apply for the ACGME and Gold Foundation DeWitt (Bud) C. Baldwin, Jr. Award below.

Who is Eligible?

High-performing sponsoring institutions as identified by ACGME and the Gold Foundation. This learning environment should exemplify professionalism, enhance collaborative behavior, encourage transparency and value the individual learner.

How to Apply

Sponsoring institutions accept invitation from ACGME to complete an application for the award and agree to a “finalist site visit,” if selected. The site-visit provides the opportunity to demonstrate the respectful, high-performing culture and allow the judges to collect more information about best practices.

Invited applicants will have:

  • Demonstrated high performance in professionalism and foster exemplary behavior on the part of residents and faculty;
  • Maintained a positive accreditation status.
  • Shown substantial compliance in all ACGME data, and on the current resident and faculty surveys, particularly in regard to learners’ ability to raise concerns without fear of intimidation or retaliation.
  • Undergone a “finalist visit” in order to highlight the institution’s success in implementing, measuring, and maintaining a supportive, healthy learning environment.