2019 Summit Registration Instructions

We realize the registration process is confusing, so here is a step-by-step process on how to register for the 2019 Gold Humanism Summit.

Step 1) You will be registering on the Planetree Conference website, which is running concurrently with the Gold Humanism Summit. Log onto http://planetreeconference.org and click on “Register Now” located in red in the top right corner.

Step 2)  Click on the “Registration Type” drop-down menu and select “Gold Humanism Summit.” The page should refresh.

Step 3) Once the page has refreshed, click on the same drop-down menu bar again and select one of the tracks within the Gold Humanism Summit. This step is important and confusing! You will end up selecting from the drop-down bar twice. See picture below for clarification on what it looks like the second time:

The four track options are:

  • Gold Humanism Summit: All the General Sessions, which begin Oct. 28 and run through Oct. 30.
  • Gold Executive Leadership Track: Registration-only gathering of leaders and executives with an evening reception on Oct. 29 and a one-day event on Oct. 30.
  • GHHS & MTL Symposium: A pre-conference gathering for our Gold Humanism Honor Society members and Mapping the Landscape grantees. Invitation only.
  • Gold Humanism Summit Student/Faculty: All the General Sessions, Oct. 28-30, at the academic rate.

SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME OFFER! If you register for the Gold Humanism Summit General Session, you can add on the Gold Executive Leadership Track for $600! (40% savings!). You’ll have a chance to “add-on” the Exec Track as you go through registering for the Gold Humanism Summit. (If you’ve already registered and paid, email Stacy Morris at smorris@gold-foundation.org to add the Exec Track at this special price.)

Still confused? Email Stacy Morris at smorris@gold-foundation.org.

Now you are ready! Register here.