Gold and Medallia unveil a new tool to measure humanistic care at the Beryl Institute’s 2023 Elevate PX conference

Gold Foundation and Medallia have together crafted the Medallia Gold Humanism Trust Tool designed to help identify humanistic, compassionate behaviors that can help to build trust between patients and clinicians.

Gold and Medallia leaders shared this new tool, which was under development for more than a year, at the Beryl Institute’s Elevate PX conference in March 2023. This recording is the virtual version of that session.The speakers include Ann Bruder, AVP Programs, Gold Foundation; Elizabeth Cleek, COO, Gold Foundation; Hastie Sooudi, Solutions Principal, Senior Consultant, Medallia; and Toni Land, Former Head of Healthcare Experience, Medallia.This tool marks an ongoing collaboration between the Gold Foundation and Medallia, a market leader in patient experience and a Gold Corporate Council member, in their quest to answer the question of how one can measure humanistic care.The insights gathered through this new measure can help healthcare professionals and institutions understand the key areas of humanistic patient care that affect patient trust in healthcare. Clinicians and organizations can then use this information to help drive changes in behavior—both individual and systemic—that will ultimately lead to better patient experience and better health outcomes.

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