NYU Langone Health’s beloved Medical Humanities newsletter is revived as a Gold-NYU collaboration

The Gold Foundation, together with NYU Langone’s Division of Medical Humanities, is delighted to announce the debut of a Humanities in Healthcare Newsletter, a new monthly compilation of articles, events, and opportunities related to the arts and humanities in healthcare. The first issue was published today, Feb. 23, 2023.

Screenshot of Humanities in Healthcare newsletter

“The Division of Medical Humanities at NYU Langone Health is so pleased to be partnering with the Gold Foundation to bring this newsletter back to readers,” said David Oshinsky, PhD, Division Director and Professor of Medicine at NYU Langone. “Everyone can benefit from exploring issues in healthcare through the prism of the arts and humanities, and we hope readers will find the content engaging and relevant.”

The newsletter is a new joint version of NYU’s popular Medical Humanities newsletter, which was published weekly from 2015 to 2022. That newsletter ceased publication last year when its editor, Stacy Bodziak, departed NYU Langone Health to become the Director of Communications at the Gold Foundation.

The first issue of the Humanities in Healthcare Newsletter highlighted articles on intergenerational storytelling, creative writing in healthcare education, and the enduring link between poetry and medicine.  A roundup of events gives readers a glimpse into the remarkable breadth of opportunities, both virtual and in-person, including The Nocturnists at SXSW and the 14th Annual History of Medicine Night at the New York Academy of Medicine.

NYU Langone Health and the Gold Foundation have a long, wonderful history of collaboration. NYU Langone is a Hippocrates member of the Gold Partners Council, a group of health systems and medical schools that are leaders of humanism in healthcare. In 2022, NYU Langone Health and the Gold Foundation produced a series of webinars together on Advancing Healthcare Equity with Medical Humanities.

In addition, Gold President and CEO Dr. Richard I. Levin practiced at NYU Langone as a cardiologist and was Dean for Education, Faculty and Academic Affairs, and a Professor of Medicine at the NYU School of Medicine.

“The new Humanities in Healthcare newsletter is the latest NYU Langone Health and Gold collaboration, and we are thrilled to be able to revive this beloved publication together in 2023,” said Dr. Levin. “NYU Langone Health’s commitment to the human connection in healthcare, as shown in this newsletter and in a thousand other ways, makes us ideal partners. The arts and humanities allow us to deepen our understanding of medicine, both as clinicians and as patients.”

If you have recommendations for inclusion in the Humanities in Healthcare newsletter, please email sbodziak@gold-foundation.org. To subscribe to the Humanities in Healthcare newsletter, please sign up here.

Brianne Alcala

Brianne Alcala is the Editor in Chief and Chief Communications Officer for the Gold Foundation.