Thank you to all of the supporters of the GHHS 20th Anniversary Campaign!

Logo that says Gold Humanism Honor Society 20 years

Thank you to all who have supported our efforts to raise funds in honor of the Gold Humanism Honor Society’s 20th Anniversary. This remarkable honor society is dedicated to supporting humanistic doctors and future doctors and recognizing leaders of humanism in healthcare. Read more about the 20 years of GHHS, which has now grown to 180 chapters and nearly 45,000 members.

Three photos of groups of smiling GHHS members

We hope you will consider joining us in celebrating GHHS and its members! Please click here to make a donation and be added to the list.

Supporters of the GHHS 20th Anniversary Campaign

Brianne Alcala

Andrew Alkis


Dr. Reto Baertschiger

Amelia Baker, M.D., Ph.D.

Miriam Bar-on, M.D.

Calla Brown

Dr. Pradip Chaudhari

Dr. Esther K. Chung

Mavis Prall Cohen

Maggie Collison

Dr. Naomi D’Acolatse

Dr. Paige Davis

Dr. Richard Joseph Deckelbaum

Dr. Michael C. Ennis

Dr. Ronald Epstein

Dr. Ken Folsom

Dr. Jessica Foulds

Dr. Meredith Frederick

Amy Gleicher

Dr. Hope Schlossberg Goodman

Alexander Dimond Gordon

Dr. Mary Guerrera

Dr. Melissa Huggins

Carlos Isaza, MD

Dr. Alexander Kim

Dr. Richard Levin

Dr. Randi Libbon

Steve Litchfield, D.O.

Dr. Wayne McCormack

Dr. Cassandra Milling

Dr. Ranit Mishori

Jeanette Morrison, M.D.

Dr. Adam Perrin

Dr. Kathleen Raskob

Dr. Joseph Ravenell

Dr. Aimée Rivers

Dr. George Rosenthal

Dr. Linda Rowe

Dr. Rachael Sampson, M.D.

Sergio A Sánchez-Luna

Dr. Shannon Scott-Vernaglia

Dr. Trish Sexton

Richard Sheerr

Amy M. Sitapati, M.D.

Dr. Mark Paul Slovenkai

Lawrence G. Smith, M.D.

E. Vanessa Spearman-McCarthy, M.D.

Dr. Richard Stoller

Dr. Linda C. Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Taub

Dr. Andreas Theodorou, M.D.

Dr. J.T. Thornhill IV

Dr. Cris Ueno

Dr. Rebecca A. Uhlmann

Alejandro Vargas MD

Dr. Mark Wardle