Examples of Recent Grants

Faculty, Student and Resident Initiated Grants

Faculty – Initiated Projects

  • “Improving Empathy and Relational Skills in Resident Physicians: A Randomized Control Trial,” Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. To determine whether empathic and relational skills can be taught to residents.  $25,000
  • “The Impact of HEAL: Humanism Evolving through Arts and Literature,” Florida State University College of Medicine. To study to the impact of the HEAL publications on FSU medical students and faculty.  $5,000
  • “Effect Of A New Curriculum On The Humanism And Professionalism Of Medical Students: Analysis and Conceptual Model Development,” UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School. To analyze an existing 4-year long dataset on the effect of a NJMS humanism curriculum to explore and define the relationship between humanism, professionalism, service, the “hidden curriculum”, and burnout.  $10,000
  • “Residency Oath Assessment & Distribution,” Penn State University College of Medicine. To assess the impact of a new program where the incoming class of residents jointly creates an oath, and to determine the degree to which they have been able to live up to the specifics and spirit of the oath, and the influence of the oath on their behavior as clinicians.  $5,000
  • “Promoting Mindful Practice in Medical Students & Residency Education,” University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry. Creation and implementation of an intensive faculty development workshop for medical educators to learn how to teach and promote mindfulness in medical learners.  $25,000

Student – Initiated Projects  

  • “Underground Clinical Guide,” American Medical Student Association. Development of a pocket guide to enable medical students on the wards to incorporate the virtues of humanism into their patient interactions, even when faced with time constraints, poor role modeling, or dehumanizing experiences. $5,000
  • “Medical Student Directed AIDS Documentary,” Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Creation of a medical student-directed documentary illuminating the patient experience of living with HIV/AIDS.  $3,200
  • “Street Medicine,” University of Wisconsin School of Medicine.  Service project to actively treat and engage the homeless population, develop relationships and practical skills; to increase understanding of the culture of homelessness and the barriers to healthcare, and to promote this field of medicine to other medical students. $3,000

Resident – Initiated Projects

  • “Healing and Introspective Reflection,” University of Tennessee College of Medicine at Chattanooga. Exploring the humanistic bond between patients undergoing breast cancer treatment, their spouses/significant others, and their health care providers.  $5,000
  •  “Narrative Medicine for Obstetrics & Gynecological Residents,” Columbia University. A develop a workshop for ob/gyn residents to reflect on and explore their relationships to patients, colleagues and their profession.  $5,000