Update on the Gold Foundation’s Collaboration with the Nursing Community

Nurses Standing Outside A Hospital

This past July, we announced our collaboration with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). Mirroring APGF’s signature programs and research opportunities in academic medicine, our work together will recognize nurses and nursing students who exhibit leadership in compassionate, humanistic care.

Our mutual desire to break down the silos that exist between the two professions led to the development of a joint Advisory Board featuring nationally recognized academic and practice leaders from nursing and medicine.

The APGF-AACN Advisory Board has three goals:

  1. To extend the traditions of the Gold Foundation from physician education to nurse education
  2. To recognize nursing students, faculty and practitioners who are exemplars of humanistic practice
  3. To optimize nurses’ capacity to provide compassionate care that will improve health, healthcare, and patient experience and to lower costs

The Advisory Board held their first in-person meeting on February 19th-20th, 2014. Their task was to begin formulating a set of recommendations of programs, initiatives and projects to launch the Nursing Initiative. They started with a review of existing activities in the nursing field that focus on supporting compassionate, humanistic care delivery by nurses and that recognize exemplars of such care. The Board also reviewed existing Gold Foundation programming that could be adapted for nursing.

The result of this extremely productive and robust meeting was the identification and prioritization of a set of programs for further development and implementation. The work of operationalizing and creating an implementation plan for the recommended programs will occur in subcommittees with a final set of recommendations to be issued in the Summer 2014.