The Golden Thread: Weaving Science and the Human Side of Healthcare

Humanistic, patient-centered care results when respectful relationships and partnerships are developed between practitioners and patients. On Tuesday October 1, 2013 we will be honoring Dr. Ronald A. Arky and Mary Fisher for their achievements, their advocacy, and their dedication to advance this essential relationship, which assures the best possible health outcomes for patients, their families, and their practitioners.

The celebration will be held at 6pm at WGBH Studios in Boston, and all are invited.  Click here to view the invitation and learn more about the event.

Ronald A. Arky, MD is the Daniel D. Federman Professor of Medicine and Medical Education at Harvard Medical School and Master of the Francis Weld Peabody Society at that school. He served simultaneously as chairman of the Department of Medicine and as the Residency-training Director in Internal Medicine at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA. For the last 23 years, Dr. Arky has been involved in medical student education. He has contributed to the design of both pre-clinical and clinical curricula and played an instrumental role in the creation of the Cambridge Integrated Clerkship. He also played a key role in the development of combined degree programs, such as the MD/MBA program, and continues to monitor their progress. Nationally, Dr. Arky is a member of the Gold Foundation’s Medical & Professional Advisory Council. He has been president of the American Diabetes Association and of the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine.

Mary Fisher is an artist, author, and speaker who travels the world advocating for those who share her HIV-positive status. She has reached hundreds of millions of people with her messages of courage, compassion and urgency, beginning with her 1992 keynote address at the Republican National Convention—a speech about which Norman Mailer wrote “When Mary Fisher spoke like an angel that night, the floor was in tears and conceivably the nation as well.” She is founder of the Mary Fisher CARE (Clinical AIDS Research and Education) Fund, a nonprofit that supports long-term research for the care of people living with HIV, especially women.