RFP for Mentoring Programs that Promote Humanistic Care

Medical team

Update: This RFP has been awarded. See the list of grantees

The Oxford Dictionary defines a mentor as “an experienced and trusted adviser.” Mentoring goes beyond role modeling; it allows experienced, skilled faculty members to cultivate, encourage and guide trainees and junior faculty in their professional development as humanistic and compassionate caregivers.

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation is soliciting proposals for mentoring interventions that are specifically designed to help physicians and nurses in training and early practice to be more humanistic in their patient care. The purpose of this RFP is to fund mentoring programs that result in enhanced capacity of healthcare providers to deliver care that is as humanistic and compassionate as it is scientifically and technically sophisticated.

We are open to a variety of mentoring program models including traditonal one-on-one mentoring, as well as group and peer models, distance or digital mentoring, and ‘hands-on’ mentorship in the clinical setting.

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