Submit a video question for an upcoming Alda Center-Gold webinar

The Alda Center for Communicating Science and the Gold Foundation are joining up again for a new webinar. As part of the presentation, we’ll be answering your questions! Record yourself asking a question, and it may be included and answer on the upcoming webinar.

Share with us a challenging patient encounter — a specific story (without identifying patient details) or a common situation — and our experts may provide advice during an upcoming webinar.

Look for this webinar to be posted in winter 2020-2021, and view many other Gold Human InSight Webinars here.

The Gold Human InSight Webinars are virtual sessions we have hosted with our wonderful partners in humanism. The 2020 theme is “Care, Compassion, and Collaboration during the Dual Pandemic.” If you are interested in teaming up with the Gold Foundation on a webinar, please contact Pia Pyne Miller at