2021 Conference | Open for Discussion: 4 Video Vignettes of Bias and Racism




This session was part of Day one of the 2021 Humanism and Healing Conference: Structural Racism and Its Impact on Medicine, hosted by the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS). 

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GHHS members of the Central Michigan University College of Medicine chapter developed 4 short video vignettes with the hopes of sparking conversation about structural racism and implicit bias within medicine. During this one-hour session, we facilitated discussion among conference participants after presenting each video. Aims: 1) To explore bias in pain assessment of patients with limited English proficiency 2) To question the validity of treatment decisions based on race-based lab parameters 3) To discuss possible ways to address bias in a group setting, whether as a recipient or bystander 4) To identify the limitations of a “customer service” model when a request appears racist.

The speakers:

Video Vignette 1:

Sulmaz Zahedi, MS4

Zain El-Amir, MS3

Maria Aucar, MS3

Sai Srikar Kilaru, MS3

David Thomas, MS4

Video Vignette 2:

Nana Amma Sekyere, MS3

Ali Elsaghir, MS3

Jacob Lynn, MS3

Aarthi Arab, MS3

Video Vignette 3:

Shing Chao, MS4

Vivian Wang, MS3

Elissa Strand, MS3

Vaishali Kapila, MS3

Kultaj Kaleka, MS4

Video Vignette 4:

Madelyn Aittama, MS3

Erik Clutter, MS3

Joseph Zhou, MS4

Kultaj Kaleka, MS4

Quinn Ameel, MS3

Natalie Hamilton, MS4


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